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    Your 2017-2019 Executive Team

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Nominated for MIA President

Osaed Khan

Osaed Khan has been a member of the Muslim community all his life. He grew up in one of the families that helped establish this community. His father, Dr. Ahmed Hassan Khan is a distinguished scientist who came out of retirement to serve as the first principle of Al Hijrah Islamic school.

Osaed has a long history of service to the Muslim community, especially when it comes to supporting Muslim youth. He has been involved in organizing numerous youth programs (sports, camps, conferences, etc..). He also has extensive board experience, having served on the MIA executive council as secretary (2007-2009, 2012-2013) and executive member (2006-2007). He currently represents MIA on the steering committee of the South Winnipeg Action Team focused on improving recreation infrastructure and services in South Winnipeg. He also has political experience, having run for school trustee in the Pembina Trails division and received 16% of the vote, which is considered to be a very high showing for a first-time candidate.

Osaed has a passion for teaching young people. He has taught in public, private and international schools and currently teaches at the University of Winnipeg collegiate. His career choice keeps him in touch with the issues and challenges of young people, and many of his students are from the Muslim community.

Osaed has accepted the nomination to serve as the MIA president to build on the growth and success of the organization, and to introduce a much needed focus on youth and education. He is humbled by the support of both community elders and young people who have urged him to accept this responsibility. He commits to serving with humility and respect and to listen to the voices of the community and represent its interests, insha Allah.

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